Saturday, July 5, 2008

Six things that Guide my Life

1) Choose Well
* You do not have to marry the first man that makes your heart go flip flop, wait for the right one.
* Research everything to death so you can make informed decisions and help others do likewise.
* Life has enough challenges, do not add to them by making poor choices.
* Avoid pitfalls. Watch out for your vulnerable spots.
* Avoid temptations. Seek good things.
* Getting help to correct your life is one of the best choices you can make.

2) Remember Life is to be Enjoyed not just endured
* Gordon B. Hinckley knew it and shared it. Man is that he might have joy!
* Spread joy.
* Pay it forward.

3) Remain Teachable
* Important life lessons are seldom at opportune times or in opportune ways.
* People who think they have it all figured out, seldom do...

4) Never let the things that Matter Most be at the mercy of those things that should Matter Least
* Rededicate yourself to developing your important relationships and goals.

5) Claim your Blessings
* Liken the Scriptures unto yourself (Proverbs is full of blessings for you to claim as your own).
* Actual blessings are up to you to fulfill. Do it!

6) Ink or Pencil
* On life’s calendar some things are meant to be written in ink and some are meant to be written in pencil --
* Learn to Know the Difference. Make choices accordingly (see #1).
* Make sure the things written upon your heart are good and pure.


Nadia said...

Amen and I love you.

I am Just One Mom said...

I love you too, Miss. And I love your fam: Saw your middle sis today at Katie's sealing. Hope to see your youngest sis tomorrow at a baptism. Sometimes I catch your bro between mtgs in the hall on Sunday. Of course, I see your mother almost every Sunday in RS. And our youngest, Daniel, sees your dad frequently. Your family is intermeshed with ours for forever. And that is a wonderful feeling and knowledge.