Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The CHANGE America needs

I wish there was a Repub candidate talking about the real change America needs. The need to become independent from government programs and controls. Independence through choosing well and being self reliant.
For example: you want an education -- a worthy goal. Now work your tail off at several jobs to make ends meet, study hard, study more. Do not look to the govt to provide you an education for free. Earn it yourself.
I am sick of people who as their first reaction to a need think, "The govt should take care of me." No the govt should not. I am more sick of candidates who pander and foment lazy, stupid Americans to believe it is their right to have all the things for free that which other people work to get.
If you bought a home that is more expensive than you can really afford, do not blame the lender - you knew. Do not blame the govt for "letting the lender" lend to fools who were making greedy choices. Acknowledge your situation, declutter your home, and sell it. Buy one you can actually afford. Soon your good decision will lead to more good decisions and before you know it you will have changed from an dependent, unhappy sloth to an independent, happy productive citizen.
Soon you will realize that those who told/taught you the lies of dependency are the enemy of this country. And as you work harder to provide for yourself you will also realize the tax plan of redistribution of your earnings (your wealth) is not based on fostering productivity.
You will become an advocate for real change. Spread the word. We need to fight (again) for our independence.


Chrissi, Germany said...

I love your mind and cannot believe that your mind works like this at 6:01 in the morning! Way to go!
Lovingly, Chrissi

JustOneMom said...

You would not believe the bigotry that is alive and well in America's media. Nothing good Romney does is worthy of their attention, his victories are dismissed and minimalized. He is marginalized on every 'news' show/channel, even on Fox. That the left media despises Romney is my third clue that he is the candidate that they do not want up against their Mrs. Clinton or black candidate.
If Obama were a white man who's only talent/experience is speaking/pandering well, he would not have made it where he is in the Dem race.
If Mrs. Clinton were a man, her attacks and use of racial slurs would have put her out of the race.
If Romney were not a Mormon, he would be the choice for all. But then if he were not a Mormon he may not have the stable character that has served him so well in his life.